Creating a dashboard view with jQuery Mobile

Anthony James —  July 21, 2011

This screencast will teach you how to create a dashboard view similar to the facebook iphone app. Learn how to style it for a different number of icons and how to create some custom css and add it to your jQuery Mobile application.




Anthony James

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Anthony is a Web Software Developer & Linux Systems Engineer. With 11 years of experience in these fields. He is also the founder and main contributor at He is passionate about passing on his technical knowledge through training and educating others.

8 responses to Creating a dashboard view with jQuery Mobile

  1. Hi – great tutorials – but can you improve the video quality – quite hard to read the code? Thanks.

    • Yes, I made some adjustments and screencasts going forward should be better.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Well done – much better now – thanks!

  3. Hi Anthony !

    I really appreciate your work ! Big support !

    What about landscape view for the dashboard ?

    In css, the dashboard id should have width 100% ?

    thanks for your reply !

  4. Great tutorial again Anthony, i was already busy doing it with a lot of embeded dic but this is a great way to have a dash view

  5. PS did you know that the link to PHP file or recourse is 404


  6. Hi! Thanks for the tutorial! What IDE/TextEditor and what simulator of iPhone Browser are you using? Thanks!